If you're a photographer in the Orlando area, I'm sure you've been stuck & confused with shooting locations at some point in your photography journey.. after 4 years of scoping out locations, I've compiled a post about my top 10 favorite Orlando spots to shoot! Feel free to share this post with your other photog fiends OR leave a comment! I would love to hear your favorite places to shoot! Here we go!


1. Rollins College


Too many options at Rollins! You have the lovely chapel & a bunch of little random pockets to set your couple up and shoot, shoot, shoot!



2. Baldwin Park

Guys, Baldwin has so many options! I frequently use the lakeside area for fun shots & this specific proposal/enagement shoot!



3. Cypress Grove Park

I'm gonna be honest, I don't use Cypress as much just because the greens are not as warm as I'd like them to be for my specific editing techniques! BUT it's an awesome open space, you can't go wrong with a white fence & a pretty field!



4. Fun Spot + Old Town

If you & your couple are feeling a little adventurous, go to a carnival! The closest one in Orlando would be Fun Spot OR Old Town! They're super cute & it's easy for you guys can get creative with shots!



5. Park Ave + Barnies

Quaint & cute, people! This location is adorable & super easy to navigate through. 



6. Club Lake Plantation

This location has so many options! My couple below is actually having their wedding there so we were able to get access to the venue! (SO, you may need to call or make an appointment to shoot there.)



7. New Smyrna Beach

MY FAVE PLACE! I'm a Floridian for sure when it comes to sunrise sessions at the beach. Still my absolute favorite place to shoot engagements. I hate mornings but man, it's so worth waking up at 4am every time!



8. Weikwa Springs State Park

I feel like Weikwa is almost always a hit or miss but the last time I went there, we hit the most perfect light & little section with in the park! Definitely going back there soon!



9. Hannibal Square

A go-to spot for me. White walls + vines.. I just can't get enough!



10. Rock Springs

LASTLY! Rock Springs! I haven't shot here too much but the last time I did an engagement session there, we were all in awe of the scenery. So romantic & whimsical! It's a MUST GO!