5 Awesome PRESETS to Edit Your Photos!


Okay guys!! I did an Instagram poll this week on what my next BLOG post should be and about 80% of you guys voted for presets! SO, here it is - Five AWESOME presets you may or may not know about! I've heard amazing things about each one of these & they help create some incredible images. SOO, if you're currently looking to invest in some sick presets to make your images POP, these are my 5 go-tos! Check them out!


1. Phil Chester

I think his are my absolute favorite right now. They’re warm & cozy & really just keep clear tones throughout throughout his work - whether he’s indoors, outdoors, on a mountain or in New York city. My friends who use it too say they LOVE it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

full preset bundle: $100


2. Nate Photographic Presets

Okay, so #1 - they’re free! And #2 - they’re VSCOcam inspired! So they look a lot like the vscocam presets on the app (A4, A6, etc!).  These are definitely worth a try!

full preset bundle: FREE

photography presets

3. Dawn Charles

I’m in love with this lady! And her work is not only incredible, BUT I’ve been obsessed with her presets since I first followed her. They are very unique & warm (can you tell I love warm tones?!). She also has some amazing B/Ws too! 

full preset bundle: $99

photography presets

4. Heck Yeah Presets

Ben Sasso (the creator of these presets) has got some sick work & really amazing edits AND this guy has a full website on just advice on lighting, posing, and more! I learned quite a bit from him when I first started out - aka, I was on his blog every single day. SO, he came out with these presets a while ago, & they’ve been doing quite well! I don’t know too many people that use it but I’m in his group on FB and a lot of people have great things to say about it!

full preset bundle: $195

5. Nicole Mason

Supppperrr chill & unsaturated presets right here! I love all of Nicole's neutral tones. Not sure how they work with sunny Florida though! But hey, it might give you a whole new perspective on our sunshine state! So I recommend giving them a test!

full preset bundle: $85

Sooo, whacha guys think?! Was this post helpful to you guys?! Wanna see more?! Lemme know anything specific in the comments OR just dm me on Instagram, that works too! haha!