STEP 1: He popped the question!

STEP 2: And, you said YES!

..... now, what? 


Of course, this is an extremely exciting time in your life! And you guys should be able to enjoy every minute of it! But, with a full time jobs, or going to school, maintaining social lives, and spending time with family, where do you even begin planning the wedding of your dreams?!  

As a wedding photographer, I get lots of different types of inquiries from couples. Some have nailed every detail to a tee, yet some don't have dates or venues locked down at all. Often times, I see more of the second scenario. Although it is doable, it's quite a bit more challenging for both the couple & the wedding photographer to move forward in the booking process when details are scattered or up in the air. Like anything you do the first time, it's a trial & error experience so there's bound to be bumps in the road!  The question is - how can we make this process flow smoothly for both parties?  

With this blog post, I wanted to share 5 easy tips with all you newly engaged couples on finding your dream wedding photographer. These tips are coming straight from the best booking experiences I have had with my couples & how you too can enjoy the photography part of the wedding planning process!  




This is TIP #1 & STEP #1 when finding a photographer! I totally believe this tip is key to really understanding who you are booking for your wedding day. When you find a photographer - whether through google search, Instagram or Facebook - be sure to check out all of their work! Stalk their recent blog posts, find them on social media, read their site reviews, read their ABOUT ME page! By the end of this research, you should be able to truly know the photographer, even if you haven't met them in person yet.  




That leads me to TIP #2! After you've done a bit of blog stalking & email exchanging, meet up with your photographer for a consultation or even just for coffee (if you've already booked!). This is a time to share the vision of your day, ask any questions you may have & just enjoy each other's company without any obligation to pose for a photo. Some of my favorite client meetings have included fun chats about our mutual love for Rifle Paper Co. or Daniel Wellington




I always suggest setting up an engagement session with your wedding photographer. Engagement sessions are much more relaxed than the wedding day. Not only will you guys will be able to get comfortable in front of the camera, but it's a great way for your photographer to learn how you guys interact with each other when a camera is in aim & ready to shoot. 




So, you booked your wedding photographer - heck yes! You're excited for the beautiful photos to come & you're ready to take on the rest of wedding planning. A couple months go by, and you've made a few changes to the day. Be sure to stay in communication with your photographer! Even if it's a quick email update. The most enjoyable wedding experiences I've had is when my clients become my friends. We keep up with each other's emails & texts. This type of communication ultimately creates trust between the couple & photographer before the big day!



Lastly, don't be afraid to ask questions & be honest with your photographer! If you are concerned about lighting for the ceremony, pop over a quick email or text. If you guys are wanting to travel away from the venue for the bridal portrait session of the day, get your photographer's opinion. I love when I get to collaborate with my couples. We usually come up with awesome, creative ideas & on the day of the wedding, we are all on the same page. With all the small details locked down prior to your date, the wedding day is by far more enjoyable & fun for both you guys & your photographer! (Plus, the final images tend to be even better than expected!)

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