Hey, guys! So, I’m super pumped to be starting the #CAPTIONANDCREATE blog series with you this summer. Each post will have just a few tips on a specific topic relating to Instagram! Part 1 is dedicated to the basics of creating content for your feed

“Become the content that your [audience] wants to engage with over everything else.” - Content INC. 


1. Create Consist Content.

First, ask yourself - 

What type of audience am I trying to attract? 

What type of client do I want to see pop up in my inbox? 

Let’s say you consistently share your stunning wedding images with your followers. Someone like me would come across your Instagram & immediately register "Okay, this photographer must specialize in weddings" because that is what you are putting out there to be seen. You want your audience to look at your 9 main images & instantly know your style of photography & what type of clients you typically work with.


2. Plan your Content.

Planning is pretty important to part of content creation! Not only will it save you time (& stress!), but planning out your feed also keeps you organized. Essentially, you have those nine initial square images to explain what you are about. So, be intentional! Display at least 2-4 main aspects of your brand that you would want a person to know about you right off the bat. 

For example, on my photography Instagram, I share (1) engagement & portrait sessions (2) my favorite wedding images (3) additional BLOG posts or projects.


3. Add Substance to your Content.

Remember that captions do matter! Believe it or not, verbiage is actually a huge part of branding. It’s an easy way for your audience to get to know your personality and how you are different from the thirty other photographers they’ve researched in the area. The way you “speak” on social media instantly reflects who you are as a brand (And as photographers, we’re pretty much walking brands). Do you use lowercase letters, or slang? Do you use lots of quotes or song lyrics? Do you ask your audience questions? Do you share personal stories or any behind the scenes info? The substance you connect to your content will determine how you engage with your audience.


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