How 2 of My Camera Settings Changed My PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE!



HEY FRIENDS! Hope you all are HUSTLING these days! 

So, this past year I changed my camera settings. And man, did it make a quite a difference in my photography style guys! I’ve had a few questions about what my camera settings currently are so I wanted to share it with you guys! And share the fact that you guys can also use these same settings in your camera to make your images POP!

P.S. I use a Cannon 5D Mark iii body + 50mm 1.2 lens! Love both, by the way!



So I had NO idea what this setting was until the beginning of last year! You may be asking WHAT THE HECK IS KELVIN?! Well, according to, “Kelvin White Balance Setting is a white balance mode where the user sets the exact Kelvin temperature desired. It is a fully manual white balance setting. It is useful when the prevalent color of light is different from the pre-set white balance modes, such as Tungsten, Daylight, or Shade.”

This setting changed my life! As you may have noticed, I love warmth in all of my images. So I now use the Kelvin white balance setting to get the perfect warmth to my images even before post-production. This has made my editing process so much easier (& quicker too!). With the Kelvin setting, I also have the ability to manually change the white balance when lighting changes throughout a wedding day or a session. I bump that setting up right after sunset & usually during receptions too! If you get the chance to mess around with the Kelvin setting, definitely comment on this post so I can hear your story too!



A friend taught me about this one during a wedding! She had be switch my picture style settings while I was second shooter for her so that our images synced up. While I was using that setting (neutral), I realized how different my images looked on my camera! So from there, I started playing around with the PICTURE STYLE setting. Now I use the standard mode with all setting unsaturationed or in the negatives so that I can manipulate my greens a bit more! I highly highly suggestion messing around with the PICTURE STYLE setting & figuring out which settings work best for you & for your editing style as well! 


Here’s some BEFORE & AFTER images of using the KELVIN & PICTURE STYLE settings! These were taken in the same location + same lighting situation. :) 

If you have any questions, PLEASE reach out! I love hearing your stories & what has helped you guys in your photography journey!

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